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26 April 2014 @ 01:49 pm
Potato February 2013 Johnnys Jr Profile 30 Q - Kouchi Yugo Part  
hello~ I have translated this one..
this is an old article btw, but it's enough interesting I think xD
Kouchi really want to get marry when his age is turn to 26 years old xD


1. your height and weight?
2. what is the history of your name?
3. your nickname?
4. your strong point?
5. your weak point?
6. when do you cry recently?
7. who is senpai do you ever talk with for the first time?
8. who is kohai you excited about?
9. what is subject (in school) do you like?
10.what is your dislike subject (in school) ?
11. your favourite season?
12. what is the most you like? Mountain or beach?
13. your favorite food?
14. your dislike food?
15. what kind of breakfast do you like? rice or bread?
16. do you eat first your favorite food or in the last?
17. what kind of aroma do you like?
18. your favorite color?
19. what is the part of your body do you wash first in ofuro?
20. how long you spend your time in ofuro?
21. what is the place the most you like in your house?
22. what is the type of girl do you like?
23. what kind of 3 conditions do you want to spend with your bride?
24. when do you want to get married?
25. where do you want to go in your honeymoon?
26. if you win the takarakuji 1 million yen, you want to use it for?
27. where is the most you want to go? past time? or future?
28. if you have a chance to be born again, you want to become a boy? or a girl?
29. write a message for yourself in 10 years later.
30. write a sweet message for your fan.

1. 174cm 54Kg.
2. My name means a nice kid.
3. Just Yugo.
4. My strong point is I am a kind of positive person.
5. My weak point is when I am being a trouble for another person.
6. While I am watching the movie that can make me deeply moved emotionally.
7. Yaotome Hikaru-kun.
8. Especially I don't have one. It's probably because I don't really know their name (Kohai's name) (laughs)
9. Physical education.
10. Mathematics
11. Spring. Because I think the temperature is really good at that season, it makes me want do cycling!
12. I think both of them is my favorite. But which one that I like the most, I will choose beach. This summer, sometimes I am also going to the beach. I am sure that the beach is an awesome choice. (laughs)
13. Omurice! (Omelette)
14. Nothing.
15. Rice. If there's also South Korea's seaweed, then it would be the best food ever.
16. Hmmm.. Whenever the timing is good I think, but I like to eat that first, I guess.
17. refreshing aroma.
18. Green.
19. Head. Firstly I wash my hair.
20. I really love Ofuro. So I can spend 40 minutes of my time in there.
21. In the upper side of my bed or in the Sofa. I like to spend my idle time there, and not doing anything.
22. Pure girl.
23. The girl who can do cook herself, like to do some activity outdoor and has a cute smile.
24. When I am turn to 26 years old.
25. Eh? I don't know, to a warm place, I think?
26. Buy a new car.
27. Future. I want to make sure that when I am turn to 26 years old, have I married or not? (laughs)
28. Because now I am a boy, then I want to try to be a girl in my another life.
29. 10 years later, my age is turn to 28 right? I will ask myself 'Have you married on 26 years old or not?' and 'Have you become a legitimate adult now?' yeah, like that, I guess.
30. Because I am a clumsy person, I can't do anything right, please watch over me from now on~
sweeeet_asweeeet_a on April 26th, 2014 09:56 am (UTC)
Thank you so much =)